Trial By Bonemerang

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Trial By Bonemerang is a custom of both the Quest Island and Sinnoh Cubone Tribes (Who are the most isolated from their brethren in other regions) used to judge wrongdoers within the community.


The accused are brought in one by one, at which point a Cubone or Marowak throws a bone at them, the actions of the bone determining the judgement dealt out to the defendant. These judgements to range from being sentenced to death to simply being forced to be a mount for all the tribe's children.

Example Sentences

In a trial at the Sinnoh Cubone Tribes, these Pokémon were sentenced:

  • Cephas is sentenced to be decapitated, but since he is already his own head, his punishment is decreed to be already done.
  • Nudi froze the bone aimed at him in mid-air, and was thus sentenced to be buried to the neck in the mud.
  • The bone aimed at Lardna catches fire on her neck and burns a nearby tree, so the Emboar is sentenced to stand still all day... with the day ending in less than ten minutes.
  • Dintel commented that the trials were cheerful and thus was sentenced to roll down a tree slide as if it was a rollercoaster.


  • The Kanto tribe considers the trail to be barbaric, whereas the Quest and Sinnoh tribes consider the Kantonese tribe to have forgotten its roots.