Aztec Camera

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Aztec Camera is Channah's female Sigilyph.


  • Birthday: September 7
  • Age: N/A
  • Met: Desert Resort, Unova
  • Nature Rash
  • Ability: Magic Guard
  • Ball: Great


Aztec Camera presents herself as a sort of living personal computer thanks to her eidetic memory, "saving" knowledge for her trainer to access later. She refers to herself as "This One". Under her ingratiating nature, she has a dry, somewhat jaded sense of humor.


She joined Channah's team on her first visit to Unova. Eventually she was relegated to guard-dog duty at Channah's house, taking messages for her frequently-absent trainer until it was destroyed during the Entralink arc. She rejoined the team afterwards, but usually remains at her quarters on the Stormchaser out of habit.


  • Her Hasslemon handle, roddyFrame, is the name of the leader of the pop band called Aztec Camera.

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