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Aera is Rex's Aerodactyl.


  • Timid Nature
  • Kanto Born
  • Very Finicky
  • Lv. 81
  • Dex No.: 142
  • Name: Aera
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Rock Head


  • TypeRock.gif Ancient Power
  • TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace
  • TypeNormal.gif Hyper Beam, Giga Impact


League Ribbon 01 League Ribbon 02


Aera was revived from an Old Amber at Pewter City Gym. She is very playful, but is quite picky when it comes to her meal times. She loves being fed fish whole, head first. She often pairs up with Vaitar during Double Battles and is known for her aerial agility despite her size and being partial Rock pokemon. She loves to fly and is proud of skill in the air, always willing to show it off. She wears a Silk Scarf around her neck, letting everyone know she is a girl on first sight.

OuRex's Team
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