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Marryl is Rex's Azumarill.


  • Jolly Nature
  • Kanto Born
  • Somewhat of a Clown
  • Lv. 82
  • Dex No.: 184
  • Name: Marryl
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Thick Fat


  • TypeWater.gif Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail
  • TypeNormal.gif Double-Edge
  • TypeIce.gif Blizzard


  • League Ribbon 01
  • League Ribbon 02


Marryl was found in Cerulean City. She made quick friends with Zap and they had been together since. The pair love to team up during Double Battles. Marryl is always happy and ready to talk when someone is prepared to listen. She is fond of pokemon food as she can eat it with her hands. Swimming is her favorite pastime and it does not matter if it is during the summer or spring! Marryl wears a Mystic Water ampulla around her neck.

OuRex's Team
On Hand : Suigyoku497Mini.pngKyoukin528Mini.pngAoi-Gama537Mini.pngTurntbl560Mini.pngVizra621Mini.pngEwieo596Mini.pngTau359Mini.png
Boxed : Zap026Mini.pngJasmine003Mini.pngAera142Mini.pngMarryl184Mini.pngVaitar248Mini.pngMara219Mini.png
As last seen in: Orre