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Mara is Rex's Magcargo.


  • Lax Nature
  • Kanto Born
  • Somewhat Stubborn
  • Lv. 80
  • Dex No.: 219
  • Name: Mara
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Flame Body


  • TypeFire.gif Flamethrower
  • TypeRock.gif Rock Slide
  • TypeGround.gif Earth Power
  • TypeNormal.gif Body Slam


  • League Ribbon 01
  • League Ribbon 02


Mara was found trapped in the Cinnabar Mansion. She is very relaxed Pokémon and often sleeps curled in her shell. She is very good at keeping eggs warm, having been Vaitar's incubator before he was born. She is very stubborn when it comes to having things done a certain way, and though she is rarely vocal about these things, she can be physical which is a bit more dangerous as her body can burn on contact if you are not her Master.

OuRex's Team
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