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Ewieo is Rex's Galvantula.


  • Bold Nature
  • Unova Born
  • Proud of its Power
  • Lv. 84
  • Dex No.: 596
  • Name: Ewieo
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Unnerve


  • TypeBug.gif Signal Beam, Bug Buzz
  • TypeElectric.gif Electro Ball, Discharge


  • N/A


Ewieo is a confident Galvantula with a terrifying face to match. She is not shy about stealing Suigyoku's berries and taking them for herself, the Electric Bug finding it joyful to push around the male with her greater power over him. Suigyoku has developed a crush on Ewieo which she refuses to acknowledge on account of it would be harder to bully him if he knew she liked him back. Even with such tension the two get along well in their battles as teammates with Aoi-Gama. Ewieo's name comes from the mixed pronunciation of Aerial's Weakness Is Over. Rex explained that with her speed outshining Flying Pokèmon and being an Electric base-type, Ewieo never had to fear Bird Pokèmon trying to eat her. Ewieo carries a magnet that attaches itself to hers piked up furs, nestled around the base of her neck and abdomen.

OuRex's Team
On Hand : Suigyoku497Mini.pngKyoukin528Mini.pngAoi-Gama537Mini.pngTurntbl560Mini.pngVizra621Mini.pngEwieo596Mini.pngTau359Mini.png
Boxed : Zap026Mini.pngJasmine003Mini.pngAera142Mini.pngMarryl184Mini.pngVaitar248Mini.pngMara219Mini.png
As last seen in: Orre