Jasmine (OuRex)

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Jasmine is Rex's Venusaur.


  • Rash Nature
  • Kanto Born
  • Somewhat Vain
  • Lv. 80
  • Dex No.: 003
  • Name: Jasmine
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Overgrow


  • TypeGrass.gif Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Frenzy Plant
  • TypeNormal.gif Double-Edge


  • League Ribbon 01
  • League Ribbon 02


Jasmine was given to Rex when she was little, by her father. Jasmine was the first non-Absol to be indoctrinated into the Busso Family. She is proud of her size and is considered the "Leader" among Rex's pokemon. She likes her place of power and will assert if if she has to, but is typically quite lazy and loves to sun herself while Rex sleeps on her back under the shade of her tree. Jasmine carries a Miracle Seed in one of her vines at all times. It was a gift from Rex's mother to the pair before she died.

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