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Tau is Rex's Absol.


  • Quiet Nature
  • Sinnoh Born
  • Often lost in Thought
  • Lv. 63
  • Dex No.: 359
  • Name: Tau
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Pressure


  • TypeDark.gif Sucker Punch, Night Slash
  • TypeNormal.gif Me First
  • TypePsychic.gif Psycho Cut


  • Memorial Ribbon 01
  • Memorial Ribbon 02


Though in Rex's possession, Tau was caught for Hikaru, Rex's baby sister. The Absol would be the first wild caught Absol in the Busso family. The Seer of Rex's family told her to climb Mount Coronet and on the first break of Dawn the Pokèmon meant to be Hikaru's partner shall appear. When she climbed the mountain she looked off into the distance to see a terrible snowstorm on its way, drowning the dawn in a blanket of white. The Absol appeared before her suddenly and battle ensued. He wanted to get her off the mountain, but she wished to challenge him. Neither could win so Tau promised to follow her if he let him save her. She agreed and they travelled down the mountain together. Rex named him Tau. When he asked why, she explained that Dark Pokèmon were always looked on with bad feelings. He saved her life, now when anyone called his name they would recognize him as a hero. Tau carried the ancient meaning for Life and Resurrection.

OuRex's Team
On Hand : Suigyoku497Mini.pngKyoukin528Mini.pngAoi-Gama537Mini.pngTurntbl560Mini.pngVizra621Mini.pngEwieo596Mini.pngTau359Mini.png
Boxed : Zap026Mini.pngJasmine003Mini.pngAera142Mini.pngMarryl184Mini.pngVaitar248Mini.pngMara219Mini.png
As last seen in: Orre