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Kyoukin is Rex's Swoobat.


  • Impish Nature
  • Unova Born
  • A little quick tempered
  • Lv. 84
  • Dex No.: 528
  • Name: Kyoukin
  • OT: OuRex
  • Ability: Klutz


  • TypeFlying.gif Fly
  • TypeNormal.gif Endeavor
  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic
  • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball


  • N/A


Kyoukin has always been a happy, lovable goof that always liked to play before working. His favorite pastime is singing with Aoi Gama and teaming up with Galthia and Vizra to tease Turntbl. He loves to leave her shape nose kisses on people's faces, which will often stick for hours. He is very strong and is capable of carrying Rex for long periods of time. He never complains and seems to be very knowledgeable about Historical Landmarks. He carries a Twisted Spoon coiled in his tail. No one is sure why.

OuRex's Team
On Hand : Suigyoku497Mini.pngKyoukin528Mini.pngAoi-Gama537Mini.pngTurntbl560Mini.pngVizra621Mini.pngEwieo596Mini.pngTau359Mini.png
Boxed : Zap026Mini.pngJasmine003Mini.pngAera142Mini.pngMarryl184Mini.pngVaitar248Mini.pngMara219Mini.png
As last seen in: Orre