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Bunby is a Pokémon belonging to Zachary Chattabie.


Species: Staraptor.

Gender: Female.

Nature: Rash.

Ability: Intimidate.

Met: Route 208.

Ball: Standard.

Name Basis: No basis for this name.

Moves in Battle

Known Moves

  • TypeNormal.gif Giga Impact.
  • TypeFlying.gif Fly, Defog, Acrobatics.


Bunby is always brave yet rash, often making decisions without thinking, however, Bunby is a daredevil, often performing dangerous tricks just to become a better flier, Bunby also has a tendency to form rivalries with other bird Pokemon, however, there are instances where she instead will become friends with them if she particularly likes them.

Zachary's Team
On Hand:395Mini.pngGhiaccio282Mini.pngAurum398Mini.pngBunby083Mini.pngSmoke195Mini.pngDonald181Mini.pngJoulet406Mini.pngNack
As last seen in: Re:Glitch Arc