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Ghiaccio is Zachary Chattabie's Starter Pokémon.


Species: Empoleon.

Gender: Female.

Nature: Quirky.

Ability: Torrent.

Met: Floaroma Town as a gift from Zachary's father.

Ball: Standard.

Name Basis: Ghiaccio means "ice", a reference to how penguins (the animal Empoleon is based on) generally live in icy environments.

Moves in Battle

Known Moves

  • TypeWater.gif Brine, Aqua Jet, Scald.
  • TypeSteel.gif Steel Wing, Flash Cannon.


Ghiaccio is usually a very kind, happy-go-lucky Empoleon, always showing a happy attitude and being glad to help those around her, though she can be very passionate about her friends and step up to protect them if they're in trouble, however, when Empoleon participates in a battle or a competition of sorts, she can become extremely competitive and fierce, going as hard as she can on even the weakest opponents in order to win and acting very harshly towards her opponents even if they are best pals.

Zachary's Team
On Hand:395Mini.pngGhiaccio282Mini.pngAurum398Mini.pngBunby083Mini.pngSmoke195Mini.pngDonald181Mini.pngJoulet406Mini.pngNack
As last seen in: Re:Glitch Arc