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Name: Zachary Chattabie
Nickname: Zach, Sir Zachary (from Donald)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 15
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: December 5th, 2002
Home: Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Pokéform: None
Starter: Ghiaccio
Zachary Chattabie is a 15-year old trainer born in Floaroma Town, Sinnoh. He is BarelyBodaciousBud's only player character.


Zachary Chattabie was born on Floaroma Town as the son of Sinn "Frankford Chattabie" and a Johtoan woman named "Kayla Smith", Kayla Smith was a tourist from Johto that fell in love with Frankford Chattabie, however, after Zachary's birth, she found that life was getting economically harder for the family, so she just left Frankford and disappeared, only leaving a note explaining her reasons for disappearing, thus Zachary never met his mother.

Frankford Chattabie raised Zachary on his own but when Zachary was around 9, Frankford's job started paying less and less until his workplace finally went bankrupt when Zachary was around 11, leaving Frankford Chattabie without a job, this made Zachary take a number of small jobs in order to financially help his father until he eventually found a job at a mining company known as "Moohresphere Mining" as an administrator, however, this job forced them to move to Hearthome City, where the main offices were located, which greatly affected Zachary, who was saddened to leave Floaroma City behind and also found it hard to socialize due to being used to Floaroma's smaller size as a town and thus being overwhelmed by Hearthome's bigger size for comparison.

However, Zachary soon became a big fan of theatrics and took up acting classes when he was 13, which not only greatly deveolped his acting skills but also allowed him to meet other people and socialize.

As a Pokemon trainer, Zachary received his first Pokemon at the age of 11, which was the Sinnoh Starter Piplup, which he named "Ghiaccio", and soon after caught other Pokemon, though all of his Pokemon were at first only obtained in order to perform small jobs in order to help his father financially, as mentioned above.

Recently, Zachary has gotten involved in a fight between his father's company and the leftovers of an affiliate company that once illegally saboutaged Moohresphere Mining, what's left of this affiliate company wants a specific parcel that contains papers for the ownership of a plot of land that contains rare and exotic minerals, their motivation for this being shrouded in mystery.


Zachary has very light skin, almost looking sort of pale, and usually wears an orange shirt with a blue Pokeball surrounded by stars in the center, along with a small orange hat with a white Pokeball outline and dark blue jeans.


Zachary is usually very kind, though he can get nervous around new people or when in new places, though he has a habit of getting quite anxious when in risky situations, often causing him to pull off stupid stunts just to achieve whatever he's trying to achieve at that time as fast as possible.

Zachary can be very naive, thinking that anyone can be good if they just try and that everyone is good on the inside, this can lead him to often forgiving people who try to mess with him and being tricked easily.

Zachary is afraid of dark places and being isolated in places he doesn't know/trust very well, which is why he always brings at least two Pokemon outside of their Pokeballs whenever in said places.

Zachary's Team

On Hand



  • Zachary's relationship with his Team can be best described as that of a family of siblings, they can bicker a lot at times and they don't always agree with the other but they all care for each other.


  • Protected a parcel containing important papers from a criminal twice.
  • His team fought and defeated a criminal impersonating his father's boss once in the outskirts of Eterna City, and almost did so a second time in Route 204 until she escaped.
  • With the help of Tex and Sergey, retrieved the important parcel from a Geodude in an underground segment of Mt. Coronet and survived an angry Gyarados attack in that same place.


  • Zachary hates Mt. Coronet and will do anything to avoid it.
Zachary's Team
On Hand:395Mini.pngGhiaccio282Mini.pngAurum398Mini.pngBunby083Mini.pngSmoke195Mini.pngDonald181Mini.pngJoulet315Mini.pngNack
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