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Bubbles is Hailee's Piplup, and the first Pokemon she caught in Sinnoh.


Bubbles, unlike other Piplup, is not prideful, selfish, or stubborn. She's actually quite athletic, while also being quite sneaky, as she can swipe up things before you even know what happened. She's motivated, and she can be a strong battler.


  • Birthday: 28th December
  • Age: 1
  • Met: Sinnoh Route 203
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Ball: Poke Ball

Battle Strategy

Bubbles uses her athletic prowess to her advantage, managing to dash past foes and hit them right in the back. However, her fast-working feet can trip her up sometimes, leaving her vulnerable.

Known Techniques

  • TypeFlying.gif Peck
  • TypeNormal.gif Pound
  • TypeWater.gif Bubble Beam


  • Hailee - Bubbles and Hailee share a close bond, despite their first meeting where Hailee accused Bubbles of being a thief. However, both are motivated, and are now good friends.
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