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Atla is Alrey's Goomy.


  • Age: 0
  • Birthday: December 4
  • Nature: ?
  • Ability: Hydration
  • Met: Route 19, Kalos
  • Favorite move: ?
  • Likes: ?
  • Dislikes: ?

Name origin: From Atlantida, mythical city that was told to have sunken underwater.

First appearance: Page 14951


Atla's manner of speaking is more or less formal. He sometimes refers to his Trainer as lady.

Battle abilities

Known Moves:

  • TypeNormal.gif Tackle
  • TypeWater.gif Bubble


Atla was first seen on Route 19, where he didn't speak much. He gave some trouble because of his Hydration. He was caught by Eridanus, and then gifted to Alrey.


Nothing notable currently.

Al's Team
On hand:Atla704Mini.pngRose315Mini.pngDamant672Mini.png
Given away:Denshi026Mini.png
As last seen in: Ranger-2

Eridanus's Team
In rotation:Denshi026Mini.pngForge082Mini.pngFox329Mini.pngVivi654Mini.pngNimbus333Mini.pngSlip422WMini.pngAntares451Mini.png
Given away:Atla704Mini.png
As last seen in: Almia-2