Anom's Yanmega

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Anom's Yanmega was his starter alongside his Ariados, who died during the Unova Arc protecting him from a pack of Zoroark led by Hecate.


  • Yanmega was the first Pokémon belonging to a PC to die and not get revived as a Ghost type.

Anom's Team
On Hand : Armaldo348Mini.pngHeracross214Mini.pngScizor212Mini.pngMasquerain284Mini.pngDrapion452Mini.pngVespiquen416Mini.png
Escavalier589Mini.pngAccelgor617Mini.pngScolipede 545Mini.pngCrustle558Mini.pngGalvantula596Mini.pngVolcarona637Mini.png
Deceased : Yanmega469Mini.png
At Home : Ariados 168Mini.png
As last seen in: PMD-R