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Batali is Zeal's Hitmonchan, and one of the members of Zach's original team.

Batali treats battling as a sport and is very fond of it, always refusing to give up. He is close with Ŝafo because of this. He is also one of the most knowledgeable members of Zeal's team when it comes to miscellaneous skills. However, as he's often stuck explaining these to Ŝafo, who gets bored of the tutorials quickly, these skills rarely become useful. Batali is usually somewhat quiet.

Batali is currently with Ŝafo and Kyra on the AMPHAROSITE HUNT.

Zeal's Team
On hand : Ŝafo180Mini.pngBatali107Mini.pngNoel094Mini.pngTodd038Mini.pngDento310Mini.pngWaffles670yMini.png
Shoal Cave Lab : Glavo215Mini.png
Location unknown : Fajro156Mini.png
As last seen in: Ever Grande City, Hoenn