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Noel is Zeal's Gengar, and a former member of Chase's team.

Noel never speaks when he doesn't have to, and the few times he is required to he's usually able to say everything he needs to in two or three words. He also often renders himself invisible to avoid notice and makes himself intangible when strangers get near him. In spite of his shyness, Noel quickly becomes loyal to and fiercely protective of anyone who always acts caring toward him.

Noel was the one mon Zeal kept with him consistently during the several month period he spent away from the J-Team.

Zeal's Team
On hand : Ŝafo180Mini.pngBatali107Mini.pngNoel094Mini.pngTodd038Mini.pngDento310Mini.pngWaffles670yMini.pngVerdo003Mini.png
Flugilo469Mini.pngOko190Mini.png Lise142Mini.pngMacy080Mini.pngLeon448Mini.pngKyra421Mini.png
Imprisoned in Sinnoh : Glavo215Mini.png
Location unknown : Fajro156Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola

Chase's Team
Formerly owned : Todd038Mini.pngNoel094Mini.pngLise142Mini.pngMacy080Mini.pngLeon448Mini.pngKyra421Mini.png