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Todd is Zeal's Ninetales, and was formerly Chase Espen's Starter Pokémon.

As one of the most level-headed of Zeal's mons, he often takes a leader-like role within the team. He takes almost every situation seriously, and has a habit of referring to almost everyone as "sir". He is close with Hue and Leon, two other generally down-to-earth mons, and the three of them have a weird relationship with Scholar, who has caused them many headaches.

Zeal's Team
On hand : Ŝafo180Mini.pngBatali107Mini.pngNoel094Mini.pngTodd038Mini.pngDento310Mini.pngWaffles670yMini.pngVerdo003Mini.png
Flugilo469Mini.pngOko190Mini.png Lise142Mini.pngMacy080Mini.pngLeon448Mini.pngKyra421Mini.png
Imprisoned in Sinnoh : Glavo215Mini.png
Location unknown : Fajro156Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola

Chase's Team
Formerly owned : Todd038Mini.pngNoel094Mini.pngLise142Mini.pngMacy080Mini.pngLeon448Mini.pngKyra421Mini.png