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Scholar is Lanie's Magcargo.

Scholar believes himself to be a genius. In reality, he is anything but. His logic never makes the slightest bit of sense, he assumes anything he says is true because he says it, and he is almost guaranteed to always have the worst idea in any given situation. In addition, he can never get anyone's name correct, aside from Lanie and occasionally Tourmaline. Tourmaline believes almost everything Scholar tells her and acts as his assistant in his weird plans. Hue is constantly forced to keep an eye on Scholar in order to prevent him from doing anything idiotic. Leon and occasionally Todd often join Hue on this.

Scholar also created The Mon Plaza, and had plans to continue working on it before Lanie's kidnapping and supposed murder.

Lanie's Team
On hand :Espero517Mini.pngMisery044Mini.pngEalsh666pMini.png
Location unknown : Hue398Mini.pngCheer200Mini.pngTourmaline584Mini.pngR125Mini.pngScholar219Mini.pngRaze545Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola