The Mon Plaza

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The Mon Plaza, usually spelled THE MON PLAZA (or "TƎH MON PLAZƎ" by Scholar), is an intended chain of locations created by Scholar in hopes that Pokemon would meet there and do things, though it is ultimately lacking in other attractions at the moment. Currently the only location is in Holon City, but it was implied Scholar was working with Macy to acquire another building somewhere in Kalos. So far its only known customer not on Lanie or Zeal's teams is Squealer.

When Scholar first designed the entry room in the Holon City location, it consisted of pink wood floors, outer space wallpaper, and a plaid ceiling. There was no furniture at all aside from a propeller attached to the wall by Macy. Hue and Leon, entirely disgusted by the horrendous design, worked with Macy to make it look like the entrance hall of a five-star hotel.