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Raze is Lanie's Scolipede.

Raze is not the most intelligent mon, and takes great delight in causing destruction, which can lead to her being a danger to herself and others when not watched carefully. On the other hand, Raze is very fond of small and cute things and nearly instantly grows attached to them and becomes protective of them. She also enjoys hugs. In regards to speech quirks, Raze has a tendency to punctuate each and every one of her sentences with "EEE!" She also frequently makes very repetitive lists.

Lanie's Team
On hand :Espero517Mini.pngMisery044Mini.pngEalsh666pMini.png
Location unknown : Hue398Mini.pngCheer200Mini.pngTourmaline584Mini.pngR125Mini.pngScholar219Mini.pngRaze545Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola