Tourmaline (Lanie)

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Tourmaline is Lanie's Vanilluxe.

When Lanie first joined the J-Team, Tourmaline was still a Vanillite. She's evolved twice since then.

Tourmaline is generally upbeat and cheerful, but is very easy to frighten. She's also very naive, and believes almost everything Scholar tells her, much to Hue's frustration. Tourmaline often takes an assistant-like role to Scholar, helping him with whatever crazy thing he currently has planned. She's also very happy to help anyone with anything that requires the use of ice. Tourmaline has a unique way of talking, where she drops pronounced 'h's from her speech, and often drops the first syllable of longer words when what she's saying should be obvious from context.

Lanie's Team
On hand :Espero517Mini.pngMisery044Mini.pngEalsh666pMini.png
Location unknown : Hue398Mini.pngCheer200Mini.pngTourmaline584Mini.pngR125Mini.pngScholar219Mini.pngRaze545Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola