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R is Lanie's Electabuzz and starter Pokémon. He hatched from an egg given to Lanie by Dr. Kraus.

R is perceptive and clever, and is one of the most intelligent members of Lanie's team. He is also one of her most capable mons in battle. However, he is incapable of speech, and everything he says comes out as a growly "RRRRRrrr".

R has a scar across his face inflicted by Edge.

Lanie's Team
On hand :Espero517Mini.pngMisery044Mini.pngEalsh666pMini.png
Location unknown : Hue398Mini.pngCheer200Mini.pngTourmaline584Mini.pngR125Mini.pngScholar219Mini.pngRaze545Mini.png
As last seen in: Malie City, Alola