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"Sorry to have kept you waiting."

Glavo is Zeal's Sneasel.


  • Age: 13
  • Birthday: September 13, 2001
  • Nature: Careful
  • Ability: Pickpocket
  • Met: Cianwood City
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite Move: Icy Wind
  • Likes: Naps, Zeal
  • Dislikes: Confusion, insanity, fear


When Zeal first joined the J-Team, Glavo was easily tricked, extremely lazy, and very quick to become terrified. While Glavo was away from Zeal searching for Fajro on her own, she became a fair bit better about all of these things. She has become much more perceptive and skilled at seeing through lies, only being deceived by Silvio in more recent arcs, though not everything has made as complete a change as that. She is still lazier than the rest of Zeal's mons most of the time, she just doesn't sleep as often as possible like she used to. Similarly, she still gets frightened very easily, she's just become better at hiding that fear.

Glavo has always been a generally serious individual. Alhough she is very devoted to Zeal, she often finds his usual brand of insanity to be somewhat grating. Glavo has also shown a more tender side around Zeal a few times, and she's hinted that some of her rudeness may come from a hatred of her own situation. She despises being confused almost more than she does anything else, and her amnesia raises many more questions than it answers.

Abilities In Battle

Glavo's Moveset
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Icy Wind Natural ★★★★★ Glavo's favorite move. Though she often uses Icy Wind outside of battle for various reasons, it doesn't come up much in battle situations, since she always has more effective moves available.
TypeIce.gif Ice Punch Move Tutor ★★★★★ Glavo's go-to Ice move in-battle. She usually uses Ice Punch more than any other move during a fight.
TypeGround.gif Dig TM ★★★★★ Zeal almost always has Glavo use Dig whenever it would be more effective than Ice Punch. This situation comes up a lot.
TypeDark.gif Pursuit Egg(?) ★★★★ Glavo has used Pursuit more than any other Dark-type move. Though it was very likely an egg move, she's not certain about where she learned it due to her amnesia.
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★★ A rarely used Ice move, but it exists as an option.
TypeIce.gif Ice Shard Natural ★★★ Another rarely-used Ice move.
TypeDark.gif Punishment Natural ★★ Glavo often uses Punishment against opponents who are bulking themselves up.
TypeFighting.gif Low Kick Move Tutor ★★ Glavo uses Low Kick when battling large opponents who are weak to the Fighting type. This does not happen terribly often.
TypeFire.gif Sunny Day TM Glavo has used Sunny Day to support Todd in battles with many opponents. Several of Zeal's other mons are also helped, due to moves like Fire Punch being common among his team.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Glavo


Glavo was Zach's second Pokémon, and Zeal relies on her more than any other mon on his team as a result.

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  • Prior to Zeal's introduction, Glavo helped Zach win badges at the Violet, Azalea, Goldenrod, Ecruteak, Olivine, and Mahogany Gyms.
  • Glavo participated in Zeal's battle at the Virbank Gym.
  • Glavo was a member of Lanie's team during Kalos. She participated in Lanie's Santalune Gym battle. Because most of Lanie's Kalos Gym battles were offscreen, it is unknown which others, if any, she participated in.
  • Has yet to give in to Ansien's Ansienishness.


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