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"There are clouds in the sky. Clouds are fluffy. TELL ME MORE!"

Ŝafo is Zeal's Flaaffy.


  • Age: 6
  • Birthday: April 17, 2008
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Static
  • Met: Route 42 (Mareep)
  • Ball: Great
  • Favorite Move: Thunder
  • Likes: Attention, fluffiness, battling
  • Dislikes: Boredom, following orders, being annoyed


Ŝafo is very arrogant and always enjoys being the center of attention. He often considers himself invincible and takes great pride in the fluffiness of his wool. His stubbornness can often cause him to assume he is far more capable than he actually is. He doesn't take boredom very well, and considers people or Pokémon he is irritated with as "mean".

Because of his love of fluffiness, Ŝafo has always been opposed to evolving. Since the start of Ranger-2, however, Ŝafo is dedicated to figuring out how he can become a Mega Ampharos so he can have that long, fluffy hair.

Abilities In Battle

Ŝafo's Moveset
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeElectric.gif Thunder Natural ★★★★★ One of Ŝafo's favorite moves, and one he is very proficient with. Generally uses Thunder if he wasn't ordered to do anything in particular.
TypeElectric.gif Volt Switch TM ★★★★★ Ŝafo can use Volt Switch well, but he avoids using it, since it would cause him to switch out.
TypeElectric.gif Discharge Natural ★★★★ Like Thunder, Discharge is one of Ŝafo's first move choices when nothing in particular is ordered. However, Ŝafo doesn't use Discharge nearly as often.
TypeFire.gif Fire Punch Move Tutor ★★★★ One of Ŝafo's favorite moves, and his best non-Electric-type move. Ŝafo uses Fire Punch whenever it would give him a type advantage.
TypeRock.gif Power Gem Natural ★★ Ŝafo is not particularly proficient with Power Gem, and often forgets he has it available as an option.
TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail Move Tutor ★★ Ŝafo never uses Iron Tail on his own, even when it would be advantageous, as the move makes him less fluffy.
TypeNormal.gif Protect TM Ŝafo rarely uses Protect, and is rarely ordered to do so.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Ŝafo


Ŝafo was Zach's third Pokémon, and of his original team, the only one he actually caught. (Fajro was a gift, Glavo was found injured and nursed back to health, and Batali was egg-hatched.) Ŝafo participated in Zach's Gym battles during his travels in Johto with Chase Espen. He evolved into a Flaaffy sometime during those travels.

When Fajro went missing, Zach became Zeal and began a search that is still ongoing. As Zeal participated in fewer battles at this time, Ŝafo grew to find him more boring and became less willing to follow his orders.

When most of the J-Team was at the Indigo Plateau, Zeal decided to see if he could beat all the Kanto Gym Leaders before they finished their Elite Four challenges. During Zeal's battle with Brock, Ŝafo's dislike of Zeal became more evident. He refused orders to the point of stupidity, using Thunder over and over, even when it would have no effect. It wasn't until Zeal's battle with Roxie that he and Ŝafo managed to repair their bond at least a little bit. Ŝafo trusts Zeal's judgment, but doesn't particularly care for him or for following his orders.

From the end of Unova-2 to early Kalos, Ŝafo was with Crow. During Kalos, he was lent to Lanie.

Ŝafo is currently trying to learn more about Mega Evolution so he can become a Mega Ampharos.


  • Prior to Zeal's introduction, Ŝafo helped Zach win badges at the Violet, Azalea, Goldenrod, Ecruteak, and Mahogany Gyms.
  • Ŝafo participated in Zeal's battles at the Virbank and Castelia Gyms.
  • Ŝafo was a member of Lanie's team during Kalos. Because most of Lanie's Kalos Gym battles were offscreen, it is unknown which, if any, he participated in.


Like most of Zeal's Pokémon, Ŝafo hasn't had very much interaction with anyone outside of the other members of Zeal's team.

  • Ŝafo considers Zeal boring a lot of the time and usually does his own thing as a result. Ŝafo always enjoys it when Zeal's in a particularly weird mood, however.
  • Of Zeal's mons, Ŝafo is closest to Batali, mostly due to their shared love of battling and refusal to give up.
  • Ŝafo respects Glavo, but considers her more boring than Zeal.
  • Ŝafo took a liking to Discord during one encounter with him, yet he didn't mention it out loud.
  • Since the time Ŝafo spent with Crow, the former has found the latter somewhat boring and annoying, but fairly helpful at the same time.
  • Ŝafo strongly dislikes Ghostus.
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