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Darkrai is a computer game produced by Powder Snow Entertainment.


The basic plot of the game is that Darkrai, the Lord of Terror, has assembled an army of Dark, Ghost, and Fire-type Pokémon in order to take over the world, and only a few heroes are capable of stopping him. Players can choose one of six character classes: Barbarian, Dark Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard, or Crusader (the last added in the Lord of Destruction expansion). It is playable in both single player and co-op modes. The game is harshly criticized for the amount of information it gets wrong about Legendaries, and about Pokémon in general. The true Darkrai knows of the existence of this game and does not approve.


  • Act I: Darkrai was defeated in the past by a group of heroes, but evil beings begin to reappear, and some think he may rise again. Terrakion of the Swords of Justice helps the player(s) try to put a stop to this, and they prepare to hunt down Darkrai's last few followers.
  • Act II: Players head to the desert to seek out Belial, Darkrai's Zoroark lieutenant. He turns out to be disguised as the emperor of the city. There is also a point where it is revealed one of the previous heroes sealed Darkrai's soul within a black stone.
  • Act III: Azmodan, Darkrai's Magmortar lieutenant, leads an invasion from the northern lands to take the stone, as he wishes to make Darkrai's power his own. Players need to fight their way through his army in order to reach him and destroy him utterly.
  • Act IV: One of the player's allies betrays them, and Darkrai is revived. He launches an invasion of the Hall of Origin, attempting to overthrow Arceus, destroy the Council of Legendaries, and create a reign of eternal darkness over the world. Once Darkrai is defeated, the game ends, but with a reminder that evil still exists in the world, as Yveltal, the Lord of Destruction, is still on the loose.
  • Act V: Introduced in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Yveltal steals the stone holding Darkrai's soul, and attempts to bring death to all humanity by absorbing all human souls into it. During the final battle against Yveltal, he shatters the stone and merges with Darkrai to become a being of ultimate darkness.