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Magolor is a Beheeyem native to the Dream World.


Magolor at first appeared to be cheerful and friendly, but once his true intentions were revealed, his facade was swiftly dropped.


Magolor stole a hidden starship from the Dream World and attempted to retrieve a crown that would grant him unlimited power, but was repelled by the crown's Hydreigon guardian. Magolor used the ship to flee to the PMD-A universe, but it crashed and lost several parts in the aftermath. He hired a group of mons led by Mezzo and Ever to find the parts and repair it. With their help, he was able to repair the ship, return to the Dream World, and take the crown, and attempt to conquer the Dream World. Upon realizing his true plan, Mezzo, Forte, Ever, and Prolio fought a long, dangerous battle against him. He was presumably killed in the battle's aftermath, and the crown was destroyed.