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Eva Cumulus is a Flying-type trainer as well as a love interest of Eros.

"Eh. I've had better."


  • Age: (Insert)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: (Insert)
  • Hometown: Fortree City
  • Starter Pokémon: (Insert) the Gyarados
  • Pokéform: (Insert)
  • Favorite Color: (Insert)
  • Likes: (Insert)
  • Dislikes: (Insert)




  • Is the Flying team member of Eros' harem.

Eva's Team



  • Eva has a Jersey accent despite being from Hoenn.
  • Eva has a filthy mind and frequently accuses people of lewd things from a mixture of shyness and actually wanting them to do the things she accuses them of to her.
  • Her allergies to sunlight led to her leaving her hometown of Fortree. Typically, she hides out in caverns or hotels whenever she is journeying about. She also has taken to carrying a parasol with her in the event she needs to move around during the sunlit hours.

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