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Forte's mindscape is split into nine zones, each governed by a different aspect. Travel between the zones is done via Sonic-style goal signs, which flip to show different Eeveelutions.


Forte, being the Eevee fanboy that he is, has all of his aspects dressed in outfits based on Eeveelutions.

  • Eevee!Forte
    • The prime aspect. Represents Forte's consciousness as a whole.
    • This is also the form Forte takes when he's in someone else's mindscape.
    • This aspect's zone is Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1.
  • Vaporeon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's sensibility, and tends to act as the voice of reason to the others. Likes to hit Jolteon!Forte with blunt objects.
    • This aspect's zone is Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3.
  • Jolteon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's sexuality. Usually locked up or attacked by one of the other aspects.
    • This aspect's zone is Wacky Workbench Zone from Sonic CD.
  • Flareon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's rash nature.
    • This aspect's zone is Crisis City Zone from Sonic 2006.
  • Espeon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's cynical side.
    • This aspect's zone is Night Palace Zone from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • Umbreon!Forte
  • Leafeon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's insecurities.
    • This aspect's zone is Green Forest Zone from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Glaceon!Forte
    • Represents Forte's idealistic side.
    • This aspect's zone is White Park Zone from Sonic 4 Episode II.
  • Sylveon!Forte
    • Is female.
    • Represents Forte's feminine side, and the gender confusion he has from being turned female for a long period.
    • This aspect is based on a picture Tagg showed to him, as Forte had yet to meet one when she came into exist.
    • This aspect's zone is Twinkle Park Zone from Sonic Adventure.