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Since this wiki is for something over at TvTropes, it might be handy to have a reference to some of the differences between syntax at TvTropes and here.

  • Links: Mediawiki doesn't have WikiWords, all links must be in double square brackets [[Like This]]
    • Potholes: To pothole a link, use a pipe character (|), like [[Page Name|Link Text]]. This is called a piped link.
    • You will notice that both examples contain spaces in the link. Please do not create a page using a WikiWorded link. If a page has a WikiWorded title, please ask an admin to move it.
  • Spoiler tags: There is no spoiler tag automatically included in MediaWiki, but Silent has created Template:Spoiler, which is used like {{spoiler|text}} and results in text
    • Similarly, there is Template:evil for the evil Text formatting (Black background, Red text)
  • Syntax escaping: Useful for showing examples of wikicode (and used a lot on this very page) is the <nowiki> tag. This is the equivalent of TvTropes [=NotAWikiWord=].