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Name: Idrano
Gender: male
Sexuality: -
Age: 13
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: -
Home: Whitestone Town
Pokéform: unknown
Starter: unknown

Idrano is a thirteen year old Trainer hailing from a coastal city in Johto. He mostly roams across the regions of Kanto and Johto looking for a way to complete his Gym Challenge. His Starter Pokémon is a Chespin, the way he obtained him unknown as of yet.

Idrano is pretty nondescript and mostly leaves his team do the talking. He also has wallet issues and most of the time can't seem to hold on his earnings for long enough, so he struggles to get items.

His NPC handler is User:VeniaSilente.

Idrano's Team
On Hand : Chespin650Mini.pngStracciatella361Mini.pngBartelo066Mini.pngAamu033Mini.png
As last seen in: Vermillion Harbor, Kanto