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Jason Tyrell (Or Mahado, the Wandering Magician), is the Orre Region representative of the Kanto Youth Magician's Battle Circle, and has been tasked with the mission of locating potential recruits into the Magician's Circle and otherwise the continuing of his Pokemon Journey. Despite his violent upbringing, he is quite a happy and optimistic young man, and always enjoys having fun where he can. He is fascinated by the ideology of Magic and the Occult, and as such has developed quite an obsession with Ghost, Dark and Psychic type Pokemon, but looks to expand his team as he continues his journey. While he is normally upbeat and kind, he does have his negatives; he can be quite manipulative and scathing as well as having a penchant to mess around with opponents he faces in battle. He also, as part of his magician's training, has developed a keen strategic mind, which he focuses on his own style of battle that encorporates his magician's training with his Pokemon moves, attempting to make the battle one that is fun to watch, even if he loses. However, when things get dangerous, he was a reserve team that, while does not play off of his magical talent, calls on his sharp intellect to control the flow of battle. Said team is currently unknown to all but himself, but reportedly uses control over the weather to dominate the flow of battle.


Jason was born and raised in the slums of Saffron City, an area polluted by illegal drug dealing and other such inorganised crime. His father was a loving and kind man, but his mother was a violent and psychotic sociopath. His childhood was mostly unhappy, but his life changed once his father took him to see a magic show. Needless to say, the experience changed his life. Since then, Jason had been fascinated by magic, Psychic Pokemon and the city's amazing Gym Leader, Sabrina. However, his lower class background had always sabotaged his attempts to get further involved into the Pokemon Training Scheme, and so was at a loss as to how to make his mark on the world. Eventually, he fell back onto his original idea of pursuing magic proffesionally. During this time period, at the age of 14, he became involved with the Kanto Youth Magician's Battle Circle (Magician's Circle for short), a group dedicated to the intergration of magic with Pokemon battling. This group took him in, away from his parents, to a three year long boarding school which tutored him in magic and Pokemon battling (in which he excelled in the design, research and manufacture of new tricks and practical electronic engineering), with a scheduled visit from Professor Oak at the start of the year to give the inductees their Pokemon. From there, Jason adopted the stage name "Mahado the Wandering Magician" and left the school at the age of 17 to fully begin his Pokemon journey. Shortly into his journey, he found the abandoned form of a baby Misdreavus left alone on the side of the road, being attacking by a murder of Murkrow. He protected the Pokemon from the group, and eventually adopted it into his own team. Since then, he has travelled Kanto, not focusing so much on badges but on his Pokemon themselves, and was recently appointed as the Circle's official representative of the Orre Region.

Additional Details

Age: 17

Birthday: December 22nd

Starter: Mana

Pokéform: None, but probably something awesome I dunno.

Attribute: Undecided

Favorite Color: Magenta

Favourite Type: Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Fighting, Fairy (SPOILERS!!!), Steel.

Likes: Magic, Battling, Having fun.

Dislikes: Hecklers, being surprised by something harmless (Ironically), people who are no fun.

Quirks and Special Abilities: Owns a deck of cards that have all been secretly engineered to contain special gadgets and gizmos that can be activated in a magic routine or in battle, provided they have been charged with "Special Energy" first. Examples include:

  • TNTrick Cards (explodes after coming into contact with an object after being thrown)
  • (More will be added as revealed)...

He is also a talented electrical engineer and excells in the modification and manipulation of electrical devices.

He owns a team of 6 Pokemon that he keeps boxed as a reserve team, for situations where his usual magic team would not be appropriate. This team also plays off of his natural talent as a strategist.


  • Magician Routine

Fairy Box
Austin Powers
  • Weather Routine



  • He is a master gambler and knows more ways to cheat at cards than you know ways to eat your cereal.
  • His training in the Magician's Circle included trying to figure out how certain tricks were performed. This has lead him to having superhuman perception and the ability to detect small, delicate details.