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Jones wearing his tricorne. (Commission by autobottesla)

Jones is a Basculin from the Neverland section of Makbaliv. He was one of the children that, after being brought along by Peter Pan, ended up joining Captain Hook's crew. After Chum joined Maggie's team in earnest and started sending letters back to Hook, he became interested in this world and eventually decided to head out and join Chum and Maggie's Team.

General Info

Species: Basculin

Gender: Male

Age: 51

Obtained: Schrödingers Module, PEFE HQ

Ball: Great

Birthday: October 17th, 1964

First Appearance: Page 10017

Nature: Docile

Ability: Adaptability





When Jones was younger, he decided he didn't want to grow up and was whisked away to Neverland by the Grovyle known as Peter Pan. However, he ended up getting in some trouble with Hook and eventually decided to join his crew. A Carvanha helped show him the ropes and they became good friends. Many years later, when the J-Team came to Makbaliv, he was among those who fought them on the ship, though he did not do anything especially noteworthy, fleeing the ship at the same time Hook did. Though, after he did, he realized that the Carvanha was no longer with them. He worried about the state of his friend until the crew started receiving some letters from him saying he was in another world. Jones became interested in this world, despite the reprimands of Hook, and eventually decided to leave for it around the time the J-Team was in Lacunosa in Unova-2.


Whilst wandering around PEFE HQ, he ran into a now-evolved Chum, who was about to deliver a letter to Makbaliv. He informed Chum that the captain didn't seem to be taking the letters too well, but expressed his desire to join the team Chum had met up with. This was met with a bit of resistance by the existing members, who weren't expecting the team size to have doubled, but went along with it.



Jones spent these arcs at PEFE HQ.


Johto Mini-Arc


When Squealer showed the group a Magical Map he had found, Jones was the first to take interest in it and decided to hold onto it. A while after this, after he had heard nothing from the Emboar, he became worried and asked Maggie to investigate. In the process, he found out that the Magical Map lead to a treasure known as the Crystal Stars and he, along with the rest of the team, vowed to help Maggie get the treasure to save Squealer.


Jones' Movepool
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeUnknown.gif None Yet
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Jones

TypeNormal.gif Bide, Chip Away, Confide, Double-Edge, Facade, Headbutt, Protect, Scary Face, Tackle, Tail Whip, Take Down, Uproar

TypeWater.gif Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Bubble Beam, Dive, Rain Dance, Scald, Soak, Surf, Water Gun, Whirlpool

TypeIce.gif Hail, Ice Beam, Icy Wind

TypeFighting.gif Superpower

TypePsychic.gif Agility, Zen Headbutt

TypeDark.gif Bite, Crunch

Notable Possessions

  • A green tricorne
  • The Magical Map that leads to the Crystal Stars.


  • Is good friends with Chum, having known him since their days on Hook's ship.
  • Also considers himself good friends with Slightly.


From left to right: Bobbery, Pa-Patch, Tide, Slliuq, Chum, Jones, Slightly, Damburst, and Hellbender. (Commission by autobottesla)
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