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Lina's Mindscape resembles a medieval village, with houses for most of the aspects, a tower for Insecure!Lina, and a castle for Rational!Lina and Circe. The castle is large and contains many rooms, most of them having to do with Lina's memories.


  • Rational!Lina
    • Looks like Lina wearing fancy red mage (Not Red Mage) robes, complete with hood.
    • Represents Lina's common sense, practicality, wisdom, etc.
    • Is currently the dominant aspect.
    • Tries to keep the other aspects in line.
  • Romantic!Lina
    • Looks like Lina wearing a maid outfit.
    • Represents Lina's romantic desires as well as half her sexuality.
    • Is also the resident shipper.
  • Whimsical!Lina
    • Looks like Lina in a red jester outfit.
    • Represents Lina's more whimsical, playful side, as well as the simple things she enjoys/guilty pleasures.
  • Warrior!Lina
    • Resembles Lina in red armor, AKA her Crimson Lady gear.
    • Resembles Lina's more aggressive side, as well as her temper, determination, and other such things.
  • Insecure!Lina
    • Looks like Lina wearing a cloak similar to Zelda's.
    • Represents Lina's insecurities, fears, repressed angst, etc.
    • Occasionally encases herself in an Obscura cocoon to shut herself off.
    • When Lina is experiencing enough emotional turmoil transforms into a mass of Obscura that engulfs the Mindscape and devours the other Aspects; things are quickly restored when Lina starts feeling better.
  • Circe
    • Resembles Lina wearing a very revealing red dress.
    • Represents Lina's desire to manipulate others, among other elements of her "dark side" as well as the other half of her sexuality
    • Collects plushies resembling Lina's past lovers.
    • Lives deep in the castle.