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Magnus is Sergey's male shiny Gallade, and the first Pokémon he caught (along with Mireille).


While he is taking delight in fights and often quite full of himself (sometimes to much for his own good) and will hold nothing back he also respects Sergey's attitude and will finish a fight as quick as possible and finishes an enemy off without unneeded force. Outside of fights he mostly likes to spar with anything that is suitable to receive a few punches without utterly braking. Though he is clearly smart he always seems to fall for Aicha's pranks, who often in turn becomes the next sparring partner for him. Though this never went beyond some half-serious attacks more resembling some sort of game.

Known Techniques

  • Ability: Steadfast
  • Attacks:
    • TypeFighting.gifDrain Punch
    • TypeGrass.gifLeaf Blade
    • TypeFighting.gifPower-Up Punch
    • TypePsychic.gifPsycho Cut
    • TypeRock.gif Rock Slide


  • He respects Sergey, since they more or less grew up together.
  • He is friends with Mireille since the time they both were still Ralts.
  • Since Mistral doesn't like fights he doesn't really seem to bother with her. Its not that he doesn't like her, only that he'd rather not spar while she's around.
  • While he can get quite rude towards Aicha (especially after being on the receiving end of another prank) he does quite enjoy being around the Mawile (although he'd never say this).


  • Archetype: Boisterous Bruiser
  • Charactersong: BACK ON - Nibun no Ichi
  • Favourite series: Gundam 00 S 1
    • Other than that mostly any Mecha show (like Sergey); Can spew quite a few memes from them.
  • He mostly likes sweet food.
  • Speech color: Forestgreen
Sergey's Team
On Hand : Magnus475Mini.png*Mireille282Mini.pngMistral357Mini.pngAicha303Mini.pngLoran524Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola