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Martin Covalaunche is a 16-year-old trainer from Olivine City in Johto, and is the main PC of Troper ButNotLeast.


Before the J-Team

Martin was born June 15, 1997 to local Pokémart owner Walt Covalaunche and assistant nurse at the local Pokémon Center, Mariette McConnor-Covalaunche. He grew up alongside his older brother, Greg alongside the ocean. Martin developed a sort of appreciation for the kind of power and mystery the ocean held, influencing him greatly in his life. Martin also grew up with a natural sense of curiosity, and had a high value of knowledge, despite his inattentiveness and sometimes slightly ditsy behavior. These interests combined, Martin became a Water/Psychic specialist.

He began his journey in 2007, with his starter being an Espeon sent to him as an Eevee from his brother. In 2012, Martin set out to explore the rest of the world. Not much is known about these travels up until his arrival in Orre; Pyrite Town more specifically.