Metroid Miniarc Enemies

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A list of enemies encountered during Metroid Miniarcs.


  • Beetle: Venipede
  • War Wasp: Combee
  • Space Pirates: Gabite
  • Scarab: Venipede
  • Stone Toad: Lickitung
  • Magmoor: Giant Slugma
  • Baby Sheegoth: Piloswine with ice shells on their backs.
  • Crystallite: Bergmite
  • Pulse Bombu: Glitch Orbs
  • Chozo Ghost: Glitched Unown swarms
  • Metroid: Kabuto
  • Beam Troopers: Gabites with armor powered by Plates


  • Hive Mecha and Ram War Wasps: Vespiquen Mecha and Combee
  • Plated Beetle: Scolipede chimera with a Bastiodon's faceplate
  • Elite Pirates: Deformed, horrifically Glitched Garchomp.


  • Ridley: Charizard/Garchomp chimera
  • Flaahgra: Glitch chimera consisting of Cherrim, Vileplume, Carnivine, Tangrowth, and Ferrothorn, with a center deformed Scyther body. (Ablities: Chlorophyll, Flower Gift, Leaf Guard)
  • Thardus: Chimera made out of Regigigas and the other Regis.
  • Omega Pirate: Gigantic Mega Garchomp covered in tumor-esque bulges on its extremities.
  • PRIMA1/Metroid Prime: A spider-esque Kabutops. (Ability:Multitype)