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Musharna Hotel is the finest hotel in all of PMD-A, found nowhere else in the universe! This grand hotel offers fine features such as a ballroom and even a built-in Snorlax Restaurant! (Once they're built, at least) Page brought to you by Musharna Hotel. Information courtesy of Musharna Hotel.


Musharna Hotel has a lot of fun activities for you and your friends and family. Although they're all in construction right now, you will still find our selection to be enormous:

  • A huge pool room, for all of your Water-types and other members who enjoy swimming. It comes with an attached sauna and steam room, and a hot tub.
  • A pool room, although it has many other features like arcade games and snack machines. Great for kids.
  • An expansive gym, for all of those buff Fighting-types and others who want to be buff Fighting-types.
  • Snorlax has provided us with a Snorlax Restaurant attached to the hotel, and you can even get special deals on meals there! (see Packages below)
  • A movie theater where we show movies thrice a day, including such classics as Jynx White and The Three Sabots, and modern movies such as Palkia Jackson and The Hunger Pokéathalon. It even has a concession stand.
  • An Arboreum where we grow a variety of plants, wonderful for Grass types and others that enjoy nature. All of the plants used in our cooking are grown here.
  • We are currently working towards getting a spa center in, which will include massages, chiropractics, mud baths, and more.
  • A gift shop for when you're done and want to tell people about the wonderful experience you had in the Musharna Hotel, or for your collections, or any other souvenir needs you may have.

We also have a wonderful staff who cater to your every whim (so long as it's reasonable, of course). Just call the room service line and we'll send someone up super-quick!


We have two room choices here in the Musharna Hotel: Regular and Suite. Regular rooms are fit for two-to-four Mon parties; they come with two large beds, a small balcony, and a bathroom.

Suites are accommodated for four-to-eight Mon parties; they come with four large beds, a large balcony, and two bathrooms.


We here at Musharna Hotel would love to have you stay and enjoy our services for free. Unfortunately, our services require money to keep running so we unfortunately have to charge you. But do not despair! We have various packages designed to get the maximum pleasure for Pokemon of various financial states.

Package Name Cost for Room^ Cost for Suite^ Cost for Spare Rooms^ Features
Basic Package 200 Poke 350 Poke 50 Poke None.
Premium Package 350 Poke 5000 Poke 100 Poke Complimentary breakfast.
Silver Package 500 Poke 750 Poke 250 Poke Complimentary breakfast, access to our features for half of an hour each^^ until renewal time^.
Gold Package 750 Poke 1100 Poke 500 Poke Complimentary two meals a day, access to our features for an hour each until renewal time.
Star Package 1500 Poke 2500 Poke 1000 Poke Complimentary three meals a day, unrestricted access to our features until renewal time.

^ This is all per night. You must pay the price again for another night; at noon, all stays end at noon unless another night's been paid for. This is known as the renewal time.

^^ Note that this isn't accumulative. Once you enter a facility (unless you're just checking out the hotel), after the specified time has passed you will be removed from the room and the room lock will reject your card (see Cards below).


Here at the Musharna Hotel, we appreciate returning customers, and we have these Cards to show it. These Cards are earned by staying here for multiple nights. They don't even have to be in a row! The Cards earn you discounts as well as extra access to our facilities.

Card name Visits required What You Get
Member's Card 3 5% discount, +10 facility minutes
Silver Card 10 10% discount, +20 facility minutes
Gold Card 30 20% discount, +30 facility minutes
Star Card 100 50% discount, +1 facility hour