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Pentigan's mindscape comprises of a number of areas, each tailored towards one or another of his aspects.


  • The Tower
    • The control room of the mindscape, it is here that aspects come, two at any time, to control Pent's actions and thoughts from the control room at the very top. Further down, the tower contains meeting rooms, spare bedrooms and emergency supplies. The Tower appears in each of the other areas of the mindscape, it's appearance changed to match the realm it sits within.
    • The Green Chamber
      • At the very base of the tower, far below the entrance, lies a single stone chamber covered in vines and moss. It is here that Balance sleeps, dreaming of all that lies within the mindscape, as though he were the Wind Fish of Pent's mind.
    • A Lavender Tower
      • Branching off the side of the tower is another, smaller tower. Within lies countless graves, each unmarked but full. It is here that The Skeletal Gravekeeper spends his time between duties, sitting in silence among the presumed dead.
  • A Bridge over a Lum Berry
    • The lands in this part of the mindscape seems like an innocent medieval town at first glance, but upon further investigation things get unusual. Farms appear to grow scarecrows instead of plants, the castle seems to contain a miniature version of the land within itself and the river that runs through is blocked by a large Lum Berry just outside the castle walls. The Tower appears as the tallest tower upon the castle, stretching towards the heavens.
    • An Orderly Household
      • Inside the castle, in the main banquet hall, a full house has been constructed, with a garden and a fence. Inside the house, everything is in order: Cutlery is stacked in draws, laundry lays folded in a single square pile and the hands on the clock both move as one. This is the personal domain of Order.
    • The Court of Law
      • The main court of the castle of these lands is a busy one, courtiers rabble among themselves as couriers bring in reams of paper detailing every action done by Pent that might break a rule. Sitting atop the Throne is the Judge of this court, the aspect of Law.
    • The Thaumaturge's Chambers
      • Deep within the dungeons lies a small room, it's walls marked with arcane runes and obscure lore. It is here that the Black Thaumaturge sits all day, hunched over her desk studying the Fragment of Obscura.
  • The District
    • The neutral zone of Pent's mindscape. At one moment appearing as a sickeningly sweet snapshot of a bygone era, another moment as the concrete and boarded facade of a spacefareing frontier town. It is here that the Tower appears the closest, as either a gigantic clocktower or the huge pillar of an engine.
    • Madame Fem's
      • Sitting off to the side of The District lays Madame Fem's, the platonic idea of seedy bars. The patrons here all appear to be human during the day, as raucous laughter fills the air. But when night falls and the bar is dark, the patrons are something more bestial, glowing eyes the only suggestion in the dark. Fem!Pent works here, and behind the bar and down a hall lays her bedroom, carefully constructed to be as appealing a place to sleep and... Conduct other such business... As possible.
    • The Library
      • The Library is where all of Pent's knowledge and memories is stored, as one enters the place appears inviting as information on practically everything is neatly stored and sorted into their shelves. However, as one moves further back, the shelves twist and turn, forming impossible structures of paper and wood. It is here that the memories are stored, in a mess of eldritch architecture. The aspect of Memory appears here, as human in the front and... As something else entirely further back.
    • The Guild's Den
      • Below the town, clinging to the underside like a tick is the Guild. The only member of the Guild is the Grey Fox, who spends his time plotting his next big heist and guarding the Fluid Medium.
  • Desert Dust
    • A blasted waste of sand and metal, this part of the mindscape is locked in eternal war between it's two controlling aspects. Everything here is as it appears, there is no room for tricks on the battlefields. In the center of the realm is the ruins of a city, the former host of Fem!Pent's parties and contests, it's destruction being the initial event of the eternal war. The only part of the city that remains is the stark white tower of this realm's Tower, modeled after the Lucky 38.
    • The Warp
      • The Warp is a place of constant change, rooms and corridors disappear as soon as they are not observed, but all pathways lead to one place: Chaos' throne room, from where he creates the Scorched Rangers that patrol the wastes in battle with their eternal foe.
    • The Deep
      • Under the Dust lies a network of tunnels and bunkers, each room containing supplies or barracks for the army of Cavalrayne that call the place their home. Their leader is Banquake, the avatar of War, who plans the entire rebellion against Chaos from the central chambers.
    • Bigger on the Inside
      • Sitting in the sands is a place that both armies avoid, a single white closet half-buried in the sand. Within is a place, much larger than should be possible, a cathedral where the White Knight paces, tends to the Auric Aura and tries to get the old machine in the center of the room to work again. But to what end? He does not say.