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Pi's mindscape is a chaotic mess, due to both severe childhood trauma and the influence of Obitus and Madness.

It consists of a series of biomes and areas, surrounding the core Centerpiece.

They shift and move about in relation to each other often, as of this point in time. This is so that Pi's mind can defend itself from Madness using natural barriers.

They are:

  • The Jungle: This steamy wooded area includes the former prison of Madness.
  • The Shore: Between the Shallow Sea and all others, it is part of the Fixed Trio of areas.
  • The Shallow Sea: A remarkably clear and shallow sea, it is the second of the Fixed Trio
  • The Fleet: A fleet of ships, varying vastly in shape and size. It is always found somewhere within the Shallow Sea, as the third part of the Fixed Trio.
  • The Sea of Clouds: A giant abyss, filled with clouds. It has no bottom.
  • The Desert: Just as titled.
  • The City: An empty city, full of skyscrapers. It contains the heart of Pi's mind, the shop "Centerpiece".

Unlike most Mindscapes, Pi's Aspects rarely manifest.

The known ones are:

  • Madness aka The Exile: Suspected to actually be an alien entity. Resembles a Shiny Liepard.
  • Morality: Diseased, killed by Madness. Resembles an animated suit of samurai armor.
  • Baron Samedi: The embodiment of Pi's mind's natural defenses. Resembles his Pokeform.
  • Guilt and Regret: Twins.
  • The Watchman: A mysterious, cloaked figure. The Exile fears him.