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Rouge is Fortis' Swoobat.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Nature: Naughty
  • Ability: Unaware
  • Met: Agate Village
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Thief
  • Likes: Gems, thievery
  • Dislikes: Being caught

Name Basis

Rouge is named after Rouge the Bat from the Sonic series. It is also French for "Red".


Rouge appears to be an incompetent mon at first glance, but she is in fact a skilled thief who cultivates this image to catch her enemies off guard. She's particularly fond of gems, and believes that all jewels in the world should be hers.

Abilities in Battle

Rouge mainly relies on speed and hit-and-run attacks in battle, though she can also make use of both physical and special attacks.

Known moves:

Movepool for Rouge
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFlying.gif Air Cutter Natural ★★★
TypeFlying.gif Air Slash Natural ★★★★
TypeFlying.gif Gust Natural ★★★
TypePsychic.gif Psychic Natural ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Heart Stamp Natural ★★★★
TypeDark.gif Thief TM ★★★★★ Self-taught using a stolen TM.
TypeNormal.gif Attract Natural ★★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Rouge


Rouge is originally from the PMD-A universe. She and Omega originally met Forte's team by abducting Shadow in an attempt to get the gem in his forehead. Later, Shadow was brought into their group, Team Dark. Much later, the remnants of Team Dark were found in Orre, and after a brief clash Rouge was caught by Fortis.


Rouge and Shadow consider each other to be friends of a sort. This affection is not shared by Icicle, who still blames Rouge for stealing Shadow away.

Omega is loyal to Rouge and acts as her bodyguard in some situations.

Fortis's Team
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