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Sakura's mindscape resembles the Netherworld of the Touhou series, being full of cherry trees that are always in bloom.


Sakura's aspects are themed around the Seven Heavenly Virtues and are all based on Touhou characters, with the exception of having her style of hair.

  • Temperance
    • Represents Sakura's self-control and judgement
    • Looks like Toyosatomimi no Miko
  • Humility
    • Represents Sakura's humbleness and love for singing.
    • Looks like Riko Toone from the Touhou fangame, Mystical Power Plant
  • Chastity
    • Represents Sakura's self-discipline
    • Looks like Reimu Hakurei


  • Shrine
    • An old shrine made of wood, it's where Chastity lives.
    • The entrance can also be turned into a portal that can serve as an exit from the mindscape.