Sho (Ancestor)

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Sho is the ancestor of Ren and a Merchant in the Ransei Region.


Sho is tall with bright green eyes and black hair. Well-built, but not muscular, Sho looks like he just entered his twenties, rather than looking his actual mid-thirties. Sho wears a shin length, Vulpix-brown with Vulpix- orange trim, sleeveless trench coat-like outer garment, over bright red and orange upper-garments of the more form fitting variety that don’t have excess sleeves or cuffs like kimono have. Sho’s pants have the same pattern and coloration as his upper-garments, and are also of the more form-fitting variety similar to the pants ninja wear. Sho wears a brown cord around his waist to keep his "coat" from flaring open. Sho carries a well used walking stick -which is a concealed sword- and a backpack with merchandise and other things in it.

  • Background: Born in Ignis, Sho was fascinated of being a merchant. Sho studied hard to be a merchant studying economics, history, law, the arts, and swordsmanship. Sho now travels Rensai to forge business relationships in hopes of starting some trade routes.
  • Weapons/Abilities: Sho has a concealed sword in his walking stick and has enough swordsmanship skills to protect himself from bandits, but he knows better than to tangle with proper swordsmen.

  • Transformation: Sho's transformation is meant to show that Sho is becoming a warrior as a well as merchant. The cord around Sho's waist becomes a black leather belt. Sho gains small Ninetales tail-like furs along on his belt. He also “armors up”, gaining a red and gold breast plate under is “coat”, shoulder and shin guards that are yellow with orange highlights. His outer and inner garments swap shading – with his inner garments becoming darker, and his outer garments becoming brighter. His walking stick/ concealed sword becomes straight, smooth, and highly polished.

Further Details

Name: Shokaki (“Sho”), 狐火小 (hopefully) meaning “little fire fox”. Shokaki’s name uses the kanji sho (小) – meaning small; the kanji "ka"(火), meaning fire; and the “ki” from kitsune (狐).

  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: Merchant
  • Kingdom: Sho comes from the Fire Nation, Ignis, but now travels the Ransei region.
  • Personality: Outgoing and polite, Shokaki likes meeting new people. While not one to back down, Sho knows his limits and knows when it’s better not to engage an enemy.
  • Specialty: Fire and Fighting
  • Perfect Link: Vulpix and Ninetales
  • Warrior Skill:
    • Burning Heart – Restores a little health to all nearby allies.
    • Blazing Heart – Burning Heart upgrade. Heals all health of all allies and cures status afflictions.


By the end of the Okamiquest arc Sho has a team of four mon.