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Sinclair is old. Really REALLY old. Thousands of years, we're talking here. And you know what happens when you live for that long?

You get bored.

So bored that he was content to while away the days lurking in an Alakagross ruin, his life took an interesting turn when a boisterous Tyrantrum named Torque showed up one day. His talk of ruling the world sounded like a load of hot air, but when he offered him the position of chief engineer, Sinclair agreed to help. Torque's requests for such extravagant feats of engineering, such as an airship or giant laser cannon were quickly and easily met by the Metagross, simply happy to have something to do with himself.

Now, Sinclair serves as the pilot of Torque's airship, and sits at the Tyrantrum's right-hand side in his attempts to conquer the world. Although Sinclair has no lust for power himself, it makes for an interesting time. Especially with all the new projects Torque has requested...

Battle Style

Sinclair is old enough to be a dangerous fighter. However, he doesn't activly pursue combat because - like most things - it no longer interests him. Still, if ordered to battle by Torque, or when he needs to defend himself, this is one Metagross you shouldn't underestimate.

Sinclair prefers Physical moves, bolstered by tricky Psychic abilities such as Gravity, Light Screen or Telekinesis.

Known Moves

  • TypeSteel.gif Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
  • TypePsychic.gif Gravity, Psychic, Telekinesis, Zen Headbutt


  • Torque's Airship.
  • The Wave Motion Cannon.
  • F.P.A.C.S - False Pokémon Automated Combat System.
  • The Mecha-Tyrantrum.


  • Assisted Torque in the attempted conquest of Goldenrod City.


  • Sinclair takes his name from the British consumer electronics company Sinclair Research LTD, named after it's founder, Sir Clive Sinclair. The company is most well known for creating the Sinclair Spectrum ZX, the best selling Micro PC in the UK during the 1980's.

Torque's Team
Emperor : Torque697Mini.png
Chiefs : Sinclair376Mini.png
Former Members : Gelatine706Mini.png
As last seen in: Goldenrod City