So You Want To Do An Egg Run

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By Umbramatic, professional Pokemon breeder.

What is an egg run?

Egg runs, usually known as Mystery Egg Runs outside of the WAAPT community, are a form of challenge run popular among Pokemon fans and especially WAAPTers. Essentially, you boot up the game as normal, collect a team of at least 6 random mons, and get to the point where you can actually use communication features... and that's where the fun really begins.

Then you recruit six or sometimes more friends to breed you Pokemon eggs and trade them to you for the six random mons. The catch? You don't know what's in the eggs - and whatever hatches out will be your team for the whole game! So the varying generosity and coordination of your friends makes or breaks your success!

Thankfully here at WAAPT we have baseline rules for these kinds of runs, and Google Docs for organizing them, linked below. Feel free to try one of your own!

Egg Run Docs