Sol And Ton

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Sol and Ton are a duo of minions who first appeared in Fiore, raiding a museum in Fall City.

They worked for Cycle, a rogue Space Ampharos, until he was captured at the Pattern Bush.

Their appearances are currently unknown, as they wear Solrock and Lunatone masks.

Sol sounds male, and has a generally stoic personality. He has a very weak telekinesis, suited for little more than watchmaking or lockpicking; however, secure locks tend to be Psychic-proofed, so Merkle often handles the latter on missions.

Ton sounds female, and is perhaps Sol's sister. She's more hotheaded, and quick to personally intervene when she dislikes the tide of a Pokémon battle.

Their Breloom, BreBre, is prone to making up hammy ways to use Solarbeam, and has a grudge against vampires.


Sol And Ton's Team
On Hand: BreBre286Mini.pngPresta122Mini.pngMerkle707Mini.png