Sol And Ton

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Sol and Ton are a duo of minions who first appeared in Fiore, raiding a museum in Fall City.

They worked for Cycle, a rogue Space Ampharos, until he was captured at the Pattern Bush.

Their appearances are currently unknown, as they wear Solrock and Lunatone masks.

Sol sounds male, and has a generally stoic personality. He has a very weak telekinesis, suited for little more than watchmaking or lockpicking; however, secure locks tend to be Psychic-proofed, so Merkle often handles the latter on missions.

Ton sounds female, and is perhaps Sol's sister. She's more hotheaded, and quick to personally intervene when she dislikes the tide of a Pokémon battle.

Their Breloom, BreBre, is prone to making up hammy ways to use Solarbeam, and has a grudge against vampires.


Little is known about their origins except that they originally came from Alola, and their old home was demolished by Best Berry.


Sol And Ton's Team
On Hand: BreBre286Mini.pngPresta122Mini.pngMerkle707Mini.pngWayfinder137PEFEMini.png