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Name: Jack Barrister
Nickname: Tex
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 30
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Ethnicity: White
Birthday: December 18
Home: Phenac City, Orre
Pokéform: Rufflet
Starter: Ember (Tex), Scout

A weirdness-intolerant military veteran and officer of the International Police officer sucked into strange adventures by the J-Team


Growing up, young Jack Barrister was, in a way, boring. He wasn't adventurous like the other kids, instead being rather cautious and reserved. Despite staying out of many sticky situations because of this, he would still take it upon himself to help his comrades. His father, John, had taught him the values of hard work, helpfulness, and justice, values which he carried into adulthood. Tex's college days were spent studying evolutionary science, which, although he didn't hate, he felt that it wasn't his calling. He had eventually decided to join his father in the International Police. To guarantee approval, he served in the Special Forces for 3 years, and the National Guard for 4. He was unanimously accepted into the force. It was then, that tragedy struck. On the night of Tex's first assignment with his dad, a mysterious assailant murdered John right before Tex's eyes, and then, with a rusty knife, irreparably damaged Tex's left eye. Tex would have been killed as well, had it not been for Ember (Tex) disfiguring the criminal and chasing him away. In honor of John, Jack took on the childhood nickname his father often called him. He's been known as Tex ever since.


Tex is a tall, muscular man with short, brown hair, and one brown eye (The other is glazed like a dead man's eye). He has a hideous scar in the area of the left eye

Tex's clothes are comfortable and practical in most environments. No matter what he wears, one thing never changes. He always wears a pair of sunglasses. Always. He never takes them off. Originally, he wore them to hide his scars, but since then, he's become so used to seeing in them that his newly developed light sensitivity has become quite painful.

Apart from the sunglasses, he typically wears a nice pair of denim jeans, a black T-Shirt, a navy blue stab-resistant police jacket (worn open in warm weather), and a black cadet's hat. On his belt, he keeps several tools: His Pokeballs, his Multi-Tool, and his personal firearm, a revolver of an indeterminate caliber dubbed "The Last Resort".


True to the ideals taught to him by his father, Tex has a great appreciation of hard work and justice. He's normally a warm, friendly guy, unless you're a criminal or are just on his bad side that day. He doesn't like change, and can be very close-minded, but he's always willing to help people in need.


Favorite Color: Green

Likes: Desert landscapes, justice, his job, boxing, battling

Dislikes: The ocean, Kalos, crime, cheaters, the supernatural

Tex's Team

Sir Gerald