Travis Renault

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Name: Travis Renault
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Questionably Ace
Age: 20
Height: 6' 0"
Ethnicity: Hoennese
Birthday: Unknown
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Lilycove City
Pokéform: N/A
Starter: Tricky
Status: Alive


A pale and kinda scrawny looking young man with a laid back posture and apathetic body language. Has dull blue eyes, faded black hair, and is often clean-shaven with a tendency to dress in either typical lab attire at work, or in a distinct outfit consisting of a green knit cap, black jeans, green hoodie, black and gray sneakers, silver watch, and a white and gray backpack on his off days.


As a kid, Travis was once as boisterous and determined as Mark Stroud in his earlier days. Over time however, Travis would take a more laid back, casual, and at times a rather apathetic, along-for-the-ride attitude after surviving a car accident as a pedestrian. To some, he might seem like a lazy, nihilistic defeatist, but Travis considers himself an optimistic nihilist who was reminded how lucky he was to be alive and to not take things too seriously. As a result, he has a penchant for being facetious, quick to employ light-hearted sarcasm and other forms of humor when he sees the opportunity. Despite seeming unmotivated, Travis takes a strong interest in poke-tech and the sciences related to it. While Travis tends to be passive and well-tempered, he has been known to lose his cool whenever he has to deal with people demonstrating ableist or fascist beliefs. He can also be unabashedly lazy at times, not even bothering to professionally train his pokemon or challenge the gyms/league due to viewing himself more as a casual trainer. Even though he occasionally participates and wins pokemon battles from time to time, Travis views himself as a techie first who's just a trainer for fun.


An old friend of Mark Stroud from several years ago, Travis was once your typical rookie trainer who wanted to make a name for himself in the competitive scene. Everything would change however when Travis was hit by a wrong-way driver while he was still recovering from a persistent running injury. While he would survive, Travis would ultimately be left with a permanent limp that made it very difficult to run or perform feats of agility. It would be months before Travis would find a renewed since of purpose, developing a strong interest in technologies that benefited both humans and pokemon. While he currently works as an understudy (read: lab aide in a collegiate work study program), Travis takes some time out of his daily routine to practice training his traveling Manectric companion Tricky, although he's more of a casual trainer focused on the research and development of practical human/pokemon technologies.

While he had yet to participate in any major arcs, nor has had any interaction with major organizations like the J-Team, Travis would eventually meet the S3 trio of pokemon through a fictional MMO version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, going through a dungeon raid until meeting them in person and watching over them as his Manectric Tricky made new friends.

Some time later, Travis would end up winning two tickets to attend the Pokemon Technology Exposition or "Techspo" being hosted by The Poketch Company in Sinnoh. Unsure of who to invite but requiring a plus one to be eligible for said tickets, Travis would call up his old friend Mark Stroud who agreed to accompany him for his own reasons. Little did they know the duo would meet new friends in the form of Owen Edmundson and Minerva, along with a new foe in the form of Team Lightning. After battling several Team Lightning Sparks and even a Charger dubbed "The TV Man" (name later revealed to be Viz-Sung), Travis would choose to adopt a hacked, glitching Porygon-Z named Haxx who was abandoned by The TV Man following his defeat. He would also manage to win Wingo the Starly by default due to the Pokemon Raffle at The Techspo being cut short and nobody else having purchased a raffle ticket to win the first pokemon caught in a Pokeball-R.

Long after the party disbanded and went their own separate ways, Travis would struggle to search for an internship opportunity to satisfy his degree requirements towards a Pokemon Technologies Degree. He would eventually find an opening, joining a Reclamation Team for Obsidian Peak labs, only to get placed in stasis in an unknown realm of spacetime. He would eventually be released and dropped off in the middle of Eterna City with no memory of the events at Obsidian Peak. He would eventually cross paths and tag along with Mark Stroud and later Owen Edmundson on their separate albeit shared journeys.

Current Pokemon Team



  • One of Travis' character influences comes from Duster of Mother 3 fame, with the biggest parallel being the permanent limp both characters possess while being Handicapped Badasses.