Undertale Miniarc Enemies

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A list of enemies found in the Undertale miniarc undertaken by Ignia.


  • Froggit: Palpitoad
  • Icecap: Bergmite
  • Moldsmal: Solosis
  • Moldbygg: Stack of Solosis and Duosion
  • Vulcin: Numel
  • Tsundereplane: Magnezone with airplane wings and mob cap


  • Napstablook: Gastly
  • Doggo: Watchog
  • Dogamy and Dogaressa: Herdier
  • Greater Dog: Lillipup in a large suit of armor.
  • Royal Guard Duo: Scyther (Royal Guard 01) and Indeterminate rabbitmon (Royal Guard 02)
  • Amalgamates: Fusions of multiple mons


  • Toriel: Darmanitan
  • Sans: Throh
  • Papyrus: Sawk
  • Mad Dummy: Unknown Gastly Line member
  • Undyne: Vaporeon
  • Ms. Muffet: Shiny Ariados
  • Flowey: Sunflora
  • Asgore: Gogoat
  • Asriel: Skiddo