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  • Missingno. was a failed Porygon2 prototype that somehow escaped the lab it was created in.
    • Additionally, there are, in fact, multiple of its "species", and even a shiny version – which is black with green Tron Lines wrapped around it, at least in its blocky form.
  • After a Trainer dies, his/her mons are released into the wild, specifically into each one's natural habitat unless such a habitat doesn't exist in the region; in that case, the mon is released into the immediate area.
  • Pokemon in the Human-like egg group, along with Ditto, can breed with humans, but doing so is often frowned upon in society.
  • Shiny Pokemon are much more common than the supposed 1/4096. In fact, they actually take up 1/200 of the mon population, but a vast majority go into hiding due to being "different" in fear of the "normal" mons labeling them as outcasts.
  • Most Pokedex entries and size/weight statistics are complete BS. For example, Shedinja does not steal the souls of those which look into its back, and Taillow are smaller than RL swallows.
  • Inkay's reputation for revolving is due to a biological trait, not a behavioral one; their visual perception of the world, in addition to their sense of balance, is constantly rotating. They use their Psychic abilities to keep themselves from stumbling around clumsily.
  • All Dunsparce have a common ancestor in Zygarde.
  • Deoxys is a mutated strain of Pokerus. Pokerus thus originated from a world other than the known Pokemon world.
  • Ghost-type Pokemon can be natural-born or reincarnated spirits. Not all reincarnated spirits are forced to become Pokemon; human ghosts do exist.
  • Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regigigas were created by ancient humans to protect the blind.
  • Ho-oh is a former Fearow that ascended to a higher plane of existence. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are likewise ascended Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon.
  • Pallad is the ORAS Event Beldum under changed circumstances.
  • Yveltal fills a similar role to Thanatos/Mors of Greco-Roman mythology in that she directly represents death, while Giratina is the equivalent of Hades/Pluto in that he rules over the afterlife.
  • The Distortion World is the world of the afterlife in question. The part that Cyrus invades was actually a small section of hell that Giratina preemptively designated for him, fully aware that Cyrus was headed straight for him.

Powers, Abilities, Types, Et Cetera

  • Ghost-types' interaction with Fighting-type moves depend on the move in question. Auric Fighting-type attacks are absorbed, while those without Aura merely phase through.
  • Attacks that are powerful and precise enough can break through Protect and similar moves. Such "attacks" also include those from certain types of firearms.
  • Fighting-type and Psychic-type Aura can be referred to as "Clarum".
  • All forms of Aura emit light when made visible. Obscura emits ultraviolet light, and Obscurics are popular at parties for their "freaky blacklights".
  • Superpower is an Auric attack, specifically an enormous ball of Aura.
  • Drain Punch works by inducing Aura Depletion in the opponent.
  • Although there are no literal "levels", Pokemon do for the most part stop growing at the equivalent of 100. However, with decades of training, they can break this "limit" and reach up to the hypothetical limit of 255.


  • Leaf is Red's sister. Kris and Lyra are sisters. There is indeed a Max that is May's brother. The male BW protagonist is named Blake, and the female protagonist is Wendy. Nate and Wendy are cousins, as are Rosa and Blake.
  • Every character which wears headgear of some sort for over twelve hours a day, every day has done or is destined to do something heroic. This includes N.
  • Conley was an alias of Joseph Nox, before his stint in Ransei. The image of his wife was drawn with a strange pigment that was Duolis, and her hair was originally the correct color, but faded into pink.
  • Steven and Wallace are gay for each other, but neither has admitted it yet.
  • Maxie and Archie are brothers.
  • Gurkinn and Gonzap are related.
  • Marlon is ex-Aqua.
  • Lucian is part of the Cain family.
  • Wattson is Clemont's grandfather.
  • Bertha is Byron's mother and therefore Roark's grandmother.

Places and Culture

  • The Pokemon World is NOT Earth. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Fiore, Almia, Oblivia, and Sinnoh are NOT Japan, and are NOT referred to as "Pokepan". Unova and Orre are NOT parts of the United States of America, and are NOT referred to as "Pokemerica". Kalos is NOT France. The geographic similarities between the regions of the games and various real-world countries and other areas are mere coincidences that end at being similar in shape.
    • "Pokedollar" is just a colloquialism for whatever the official name of the currency is -- which is NOT "Pen" or "Pokeyen" or any other name based on tagging "Poke" to the beginning of a word. They are NOT at all based on any particular real-world currency.


  • The Poke Ball was originally invented to calm down otherwise unbeatable rampaging Pokemon, particularly Legendary Pokemon. The first one ever was an Apricorn thrown in panic at the Heatran of Mt. Battle.

Timeline and Events

  • Red's travels through Kanto occurred in 2001. May's occurred shortly after Red defeated Blue, a few months later. With other details in this headcanon taking priority amongst contradictions between it and Gypsum, Dominic's story happened a month after May's. Ethan traveled through Kanjoh in 2004, with Dawn's journey through Sinnoh happening during the downtime of Ethan's between Johto and Kanto. Blake traveled through Unova during 2009, facing off against N's Zekrom with his own Reshiram. Rosa likewise conquers Neo-Plasma in 2011. Team Flare awakened both Xerneas and Yveltal at the end of 2013, who battled Calem and Serena in a Double Battle. Calem later lost against Serena just before the latter faced against the Kalos Elite Four a few days later.
  • The events of Ransei-era WAAPT happened. The events of modern-era WAAPT didn't.
  • Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town is still a gravesite. People were smart enough to not turn a notoriously-haunted building into a radio tower. The real radio tower is located in Saffron, near the Silph Co. building.
  • Groudon's awakening caused Cinnabar's eruption.
  • Most equivalents of ancient to early-modern historical events, up to around happened earlier than they did in reality. The remainder of modern history took a very different path entirely.


  • Becoming a Trainer at 10 years or older exempts one from truancy laws; Pokemon training as an occupation requires life skills which are more or less learned in the moment. However, many trainers choose to take online classes. Parents are generally morally obligated to help fund their children's journeys, but training can pay well enough on its own.